Welcome to eldar.org

Welcome to eldar.org, an R&E* domain

This domain runs NetBSD on all of the systems.

This domain is run by, me, Brad Spencer and serves as my connection to the Internet.

The connection to the Internet is a business class cable link provided by Charter Spectrum. It is available via SSL as https://anduin.eldar.org.

Eldar.org has IPv6 access to the Net via the Hurricane Electric tunneling service. If you have an IPv6 enabled browser and an IPv6 enabled IP stack, you can try to visit my IPv6 web server at http://anduin.ipv6.eldar.org [2001:470:c620:0:280:c8ff:fef8:70bc]. The services ping6 and finger should also be available.

More information about Hurricane Electric can be found at https://tunnelbroker.net.

The eldar.org fantasy art gallery.

Brad Spencer's home page, owner and operator

GPS and WWVB based Stratum-1 clocks using NetBSD and RPIs

Comments, questions, complaints and cash should be sent to brad@anduin.eldar.org .

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* Research and Entertainment

Background is called The Dark Tower by John Howe