Gall Force

Eternal Story

JPEG image Type: movie series
Genre: Science Fiction
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: ~90 minutes
Copyright date: 1986/1992
Animation quality: 7
Why: AL, N, mt, mo
General overall quality: 8
Distributed by:U.S. Manga Corps (Central Park Media)

A while back, a long while back, there were two major races in the galaxy. The all female race known as the Solnoids and the biomechanical race known as the Paranoids.

To put in simply, they both hate each other, and have been waging a war for thousands of years. Now, as in many such conflicts, both sides have now developed a weapon that can destroy an entire star system. Further, as in many of these conflicts, both sides know that if they use this weapon that both sides will blow each other to bits.

So.... elements within both groups come up with an idea. They will create a neutral third race by combining a Solnoid with a Paranoid.

This scheme is kept from nearly everyone, so it is not a surprise that the members of the Star Leaf have no idea what is exactly going on when an alien breaks into their ship. Eluza, Rumy, Rabby, Pony, Lufy and Patty thought that they were on their way to a new planet, a moon really, named Chaos, which is in orbit above the planet Terra, "the planet that lives on its own."

However, the on board computer, OX-11, and the particular member of the crew named Catty knew about the Species Unification Plan and are willing to make any sacrifices to make sure that at least someone makes it to Chaos intact.

This becomes even more critical, for those who know the secret, when a successful fusing occures between Patty and the Paranoid "factor". Events, however, change when the "factor" is removed from Patty and the first male in the galaxy comes into being.

This movie is the first in the longish Gall Force series, with Genesis retold. The plot is pretty good, and the animation is not bad, especially given its age.

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