The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

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Type: series with 26 episodes
Genre: Science Fiction, comedy
Dub/Sub: subtitled
Length: ~30 minutes per episode
Copyright date: 1993/1997
Animation quality: 6.5
Why: al, v, mt
General overall quality: 8.5
Distributed by:The Right Stuf International Inc.

Someplace in the universe, the United Planets Space Force and the Raalgon Empire are poised for war. The atmosphere is tense.

Justy Ueki Tylor, age 20, is not employed. So, after watching a commercial promoting the UPSF, Justy Tylor enlisted. Soldiers get everything provided for them, and he could always find a nice place to sleep on the ship, in some hidden spot, reasoned Justy Tylor. The thought that he might get killed never entered his mind.

Justy Ueki Tylor, age 20, has a knack, however, of making things work out. Indeed, by the end of episode 2, he has rescued three lovely young ladies and a decorated army hero from a couple of Raalgon terrorists. Indeed, one of the terrorists jumps out of the window in the end.

This act gets Justy Tylor promoted to Captain and put in command of the Soyokaze. It is mostly known, except probably to Captain Tylor, that the Soyokaze is the dredge of the UPSF. His second in command is the samurai-like Lieutenant Yamamoto, who is mostly confused by Captain Tylor's behavior. Also, just to make it interesting, the lovely young ladies introduced in episode 2 are also present on board. Lt. Cmdr. Yuriko Star is on board to reform the crew, and hopefully Captain Tylor. Yumi and Emi, the other two lovely young ladies, are also a part of the crew.

Meanwhile, Goza the 16th, the young Empress of the Holy Raalgon Empire privately morns the passing of her father, while being prompted by her advisors to go to war with the UPSF. That is, except for one lone ship captain, Ru Baraba Dom.

In volume 2, a pretty nurse named Harumi joins the crew of the Soyokaze. But she is more then she first appears, in fact, she is the best Raalgon spy and has been assigned to watch Captain Tylor. To his credit, Tylor picks up on this pretty quickly but is not really bothered by the fact that there is a spy on board, even when she is ordered to kill him later on. This is probably one of the least of Tylor's problem as certain members of the UPSF are also trying to get him killed.

In volume 3, Captain Tylor and the members of the Soyokaze are demoted. There is one hope, however. If the Captain appeals directly the demotion can be reevaluated. However, due to typical Tylor-ness, he does not make it before the time expires. Off to demotion sector S-4 goes the Soyokaze.

In volume 4, the demotion is lifted and Tylor shows that perhaps luck is the most important thing in battle as he destroys an entire Raalgon fleet mostly by accident. Captain Tylor also shows kindness to Harumi, the spy. It is also learned that she is an android, which would account for her age in the eye catch.

Harumi, in volume 5, releases a virus into the Soyokaze's air supply, but not before injecting Tylor with the vaccine. The virus will be fatal to the rest of the crew if they are not given the vaccine as well. So, Tylor gives himself up to the Raalgon who take him back to their flagship Melva as a prisoner.

While there, however, Tylor manages to get out of his cell and heads towards the kitchen where he is mistaken by the young Empress Azalyn as a chief. After some wandering about together, they end up in the soldiers rec. room. The room is equipped with a massive holographic system which Azalyn programs to show her home, when she was younger. Captain Tylor and Azalyn have a nice time, but it must come to an end.

Usually, the Raalgon kill all of their prisoners, however, Azalyn could not allow this to happen to Tylor, so she makes him her pet and names him Peco-Peco, after a childhood pet. This gives Tylor the ability to be himself nearly at all times, which angers the young empresses' advisors.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a lot of fun, perhaps more then should be allowed in any one show.

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