Digital Target

JPEG image Type: movie
Genre: Dark future, cyberpunk, science fiction
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 80 minutes
Copyright date: 1987/1997
Animation quality: 7
Why: V, al, N, as, mt
General overall quality: 7.5
Distributed by:Viz Video

In the world of 2588 there are three types of persons on the Earth, People, Troopers, and Citizens.

People are those humans who carve out a meager existence for little money. They have little and are respected by no one.

Troopers are those People who fight in the never ending wars. They start out in class 'F' and earn credits by killing enemies. They get 30 credits for each enemy killed and when they have 1000 credits they can move up a class. It is dangerous work, but for some it is better then being People. Upon reaching class 'A', they also have the chance of becoming a Citizen and living in The City, instead of one of the many Towns that exist all over the world.

Each Town has a central computer called Little Mama. These computers are all tied together to Big Mama. The Little Mama computers allocate resources and schedule the battles of the wars. Each Little Mama has a "half", or cyborg, controller named Komon Rope.

There is also a resistance group called The Resistance. The members are made up mostly of former Troopers. Their general goal is to overthrow Big Mama.

Into this world of the future enters Grey Death, TFA-404953-C. Grey is a class 'C' Trooper who has a talent for staying alive. Indeed, Grey rose to class 'C' in only 13 battles and in a number of them, he was the only one to come back alive.

In Grey's 14 battle, he is teamed up with Squad 16422, who's members consist of Hawk, Nova, Sky, Leo, Tures and Tim. For Grey it is another battle. However, things have been prying on his mind. He wonders why some Towns are better equipped then others, given that all of them have a Little Mama and a Factory to produce the things the Town might need. He also wonders about the fact that he has never seen a Citizen.

Some of his answers come when it runs out to find an old friend named Red. In their search, Grey and Nova meet up with a highly well equipped bunch of Resistance fighters who have taken Red. They also are introduced to the Resistance movements main fortress, the flying city of Nagoshi. Grey and Nova also meet a 500 year old "half" named Robert J. Dimitri in an old building.

Robert is able to answer many questions, but raises more.

In the end, Citizens are not to be found anyplace and the ultimate goal of the Resistance is just as bad as the policies of Big Mama.

Grey: Digital Target has a pretty neat story and the characters are quite good. The animation of the movie is fine, but not great.

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