Final Fantasy

Legend of the Crystals

JPEG image Type: OAV series
Genre: fantasy
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: ~30 minutes per episode
Copyright date: 1994/1997
Animation quality: 6
Why: al, v, mt
General overall quality: 7.5
Distributed by:Urban Vision

Nasty things are happening on Planet R. Three of the four elemental crystals have been stolen and the entire world is threatened. The Wind Crystal is currently being searched for by the forces of evil and it has been given to the young priestess Linaly to find and protect the final crystal.

Prettz, a boy who is attracted to Linaly, accompanies her with this task. Prettz is pretty good with a sword, however, and does quite a number of very heroic and stupid deeds.

Along the way, they are waylaid by the pirate Rouge in her air ship, who in the end, joins the group. They are meet a 200 year old ghost named Mid, who knows the identity of the evil forces that seek the crystals. In addition, they are joined by a particular member of The Iron Wing, a famous military unit, when he falls for the pirate Rouge. I guess opposites do attract.

Later on the group also acquire a dragon who helps them get to the Black Moon where Deathgyunos is currently working out how to become the most powerful being in the universe, so that he can destroy it all.

This is heroic fantasy, however, so the good guys do win in the the end.

It is said on the box that this series is based on a roll playing game, indeed. The animation is a little odd in places, sort of the intentional cheap look. The plot is fairly amusing, but slightly predictable, except for what heroic deed Prettz will try next.

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