The Guyver

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Type: series in 12 parts
Genre: science fiction, monster
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: ~30 minutes
Copyright date: 1994/1996-1997
Animation quality: 6.5

Why: V, MO, al, n
General overall quality: 6.5
Distributed by:Manga. The Guyver series was previously released by U.S. Renditions.

The secret corporation Chronos have been doing some slightly odd research. Apparently they have managed to create living weapons out of people. These creations are called Zoanoids and, in general, are just plain nasty. Along with the Zoanoids there is also The Guyver, a mysterious device/creature that gives its host nearly invincible bioarmor and energy weapons.

Naturally, Chronos manages to lose their 3 Guyver units. One is accidentally activated by Sho Fukamachi, a high school student. He is now Guyver I.

Chronos, of course, really does not find this acceptable and send all manor of Zoanoids [and the Guyver II, at one point] after Sho and his friends.

Episodes 1 to 6 could be considered an atomic story line. At the end of episode 6 the Japan Branch of Chronos Inc. snuffs it. Episode 7 begins the "assault" on the main Chronos Inc. by Sho and his friends.

The Guyver has been released previously by U.S. Renditions.

There are two live action versions of The Guyver. The first stared Mark Hamill, and might be described as not too terrible. I have not seen The Guyver II. Both might be rentable at your better video rental places.

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