Wicked City

JPEG image Type: movie
Genre: Horror
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: 90 minutes
Copyright date: 1992/1994
Animation quality: 8
Why: N, AS, V, MO, al
General overall quality: 7
Distributed by:Streamline Pictures and later Urban Vision

Apparently the universe is more complicated then we ever thought. There is our world, and the Dark World.

This Dark World seems to be populated with a bunch of bugged eyed monsters.

Generally, this would be a problem, because, as we all know, most bugged eyed monsters are generally antisocial and down right unpleasant.

Well, in Wicked City, only some of the monsters are antisocial, most, it would seem just want to do a bit of trade across the continuum, and have generally no desire to eat us.

The nasty ones are nasty enough however... And when a peace conference is threaten, the black guard is called in, with a member from each side of the continuum. The black guard is one of those supersecret organizations who is charged with keeping the order with the "other side". Ours is a young man, the Black Worlds is a impossibly lovely women.

Naturally, they sleep together, in the end.....

Hmmmm.... Seems, that was the one thing that the nasty dudes wanted to avoid.....

Wicked City is an adult movie with an ok story... But a little predictable.

There is also a rather poor live action version of Wicked City. This very bad piece of mylar featured some of the same characters as the Anime, but with a rather different plot line. The bugged eyed monsters also had a name. They were called Reptoids. The video probably is not worth owning, unless one is into owning really bad movies. It may be rentable at your better video rental stores, however.

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