My neighbor Totoro

[A.K.A. Totoro of the Neighborhood]

JPEG image Type: movie
Genre: Fantasy, family
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: 87 minutes
Copyright date: 1993
Animation quality: 9
General overall quality: 9.5
Distributed by:Fox Home Video

To be closer to their mother who is ill and must remain in the hospital, Satsuki, age 8, her little sister, Mei, age 4, and their father moves out to the country.

While Satsuki is at school and their father is busy working in his study, Mei discovers something special is living in the huge camphor tree that is near their home in rural Japan. It would appear that a number of Totoros, or furry and fuzzy forest creatures [or perhaps forest spirits] have a hidden grove in this huge camphor tree.

The Tototos come in a number of sizes, from very small to over 9 feet tall. Only innocent children and some animals can see them, and then only when the Tototos want them to. To adults, the passing of a Totoro is like the blowing of the wind.

Satsuki and Mei have a number of adventures with their Totoro friends, including a visit to their mother's hospital in Catbus, a creature that looks like a bus, but which is obviously a large orange cat with 12 feet.

This is a very nice movie that everyone should enjoy. The animation is excellent and the story is wonderful.

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