M.D. Geist II - Death Force

JPEG image Type: short movie
Genre: Science Fiction, dark future
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: 45 minutes
Copyright date: 1996
Animation quality: 8
Why: V, n, mt
General overall quality: 6.5
Distributed by:U.S. Manga Corps

M.D. Geist II is the time sequel to the original M.D. Geist short movie.

The Death Force program is in full force across the entire surface of Jerra. Nasty robots things moving about killing and, in some cases, eating all the humans that they can get their grubby little appendages on.

The only half decent hope for mankind is Lord Krauser and his rebels. Lord Krauser, a melomanic in training, is also an M.D., and feels it his personal duty to kill M.D. Geist.

As long as one does not look for a huge story line, then M.D. Geist II is not a bad film. The original was, perhaps, a bit better.

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