Shuten Doji

The Star Hand Kid

JPEG image Type: series on four tapes
Genre: Horror, monster
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 55 minutes each
Copyright date: 1989
Animation quality: 7
Why: V, N, as, al
General overall quality: 7.5
Distributed by:AnimEigo

Jiro Shutendo is 15 years old and has just learned that he may not be human, but be part of the Oni [Japanese Ogre] Clan. Growing horns and glowing at particular plot times probably had something to do with it.

You see 15 years ago, a 100 foot tall Oni dropped -- what appeared to be a human -- off in our particular space and time [Oni can apparently travel though space and time].

Things have gotten quite a bit more complicated for Jiro. For one thing, certain nasty persons, some of which are Oni, want Jiro dead, and will go to great lengths to do so.

Shuten Doji: The Star Hand Kid reminds me of and feels a lot like Ogre Slayer and Vampire Hunter D. All and all, not a bad series, if you like the horror genre. It also has one of the most ironic endings of any series I have ever seen.

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