What all the bits mean....

Type: series or movie

There might also be short movies and compiled series.

Genre: science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, martial arts, etc..

This would indicate only a general genre of the movie or series, and does not indicate what sort of classification Anime is typically put in.

Dub/Sub: Dubbed or Subtitled
Animation quality: range from 1 to 10

If the program could compete with a full length Disney film, then it would get a 10. A 1 would be assigned to something resembeling 1960 almost-single-frame animation. Most Saturday morning toons are a 5.

Generally, the animation quality of most Japanese animation is around 7 or so.

Rating: range from:

This indicates a range of rating based on the rating system used in the U.S.. Basically:

  • G - "General audience". Would not offend anyone and mostly suitable all ages.
  • PG - "Parental Guidance suggested". Basically, this movie or series would have bits which are probably too intense for the very very young. It might contain some adult language, but probably not any nudity. It probably is a bit violent, but probably not particularly gore filled.
  • PG13 - Parental Guidance, some material may not be suitable for children under 13. Basically, PG++.
  • R - "Restricted". A basic adult movie or series. It could very violent, have nudity, adult situations, and adult language. Most Anime ranges from PG to R.
  • NC17 - "No child under 17 admitted". More or less a more intense R. The movie or series probably contains extreme violence, and/or adult situations.
    Why: why I think this rating applies.
  • N - Nudity
  • V - Violence
  • AS - Adult situations
  • AL - Adult language
  • MT - Mature themes
  • MO - extream "monster" out effect

    A lowercase character indicates a "minor" "why", such as minor nudity.

    General overall quaility: range from 1 to 10

    A 10 would mean that you should go out any buy this program NOW. A 1 means that the tape the program is on should be recycled to more useful purposes. Most anime I own is an 7.

    Distributed by:
  • A.D. Vision
  • AnimEigo
  • Best Film & Video Corp.
  • Fox Home Video
  • Graz Entertainment
  • Manga
  • U.S. Manga Corps (Central Park Media)
  • Orion Home Video
  • Pioneer Entertainment
  • Saban Entertainment
  • Software Sculptors
  • Streamline Pictures
  • The Right Stuf International Inc.
  • Urban Vision
  • U.S. Renditions
  • Viz Video
  • World Events Productions
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