Dragon Slayer

The Legend of Heros

JPEG image Type: series
Genre: fantasy
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 50 minutes
Copyright date: 1992/1997
Animation quality: 7
Why: V, al, mo
General overall quality:7
Distributed by:Urban Vision

The land of Israehasa is one of mystery, magic and adventure. The Kingdom of Faaren has been invaded by Ackdam and his horde, who are able to become dragon like monsters.

However, Ackdam was not successful is killing the crowned Prince Cerrios and his retainer Raius, a master swordsman in the initial invasion and now Cerrios is back. He has joined up with the small Resistance Movement, who is trying to fight Ackdam's designs.

Dragon Slayer, while reasonable, is not quite your normal swords and sorcery piece of anime. The sword moves are much more in line with the kempo martial art form, and the monsters are not very dissimilar from the Zoanoids in The Guyver series.

Dragon Slayer is one of the first pieces of anime to be released by Urban Vision. I wonder if the lack of experience is why they did not bother to translate the episode names of the series?

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