Battle Angel

JPEG image Type: series in 2 parts
Genre: dark future, science fiction
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 70 minutes
Copyright date: 1993
Animation quality: 8
Why: V+, n, as
General overall quality: 8
Distributed by: A.D. Vision

If you enjoy cyborg movies, and do not have an issue with violent movies, then you should really like Battle Angel.

It is the future... High above Earth is the suspended megacity of Zalem [the haves]. Below is Scrap Iron City [the have nots], the garbage heap for Zalem. While looking for "parts" Doctor Ido, during the day, the best cyborg doctor anywhere, finds a badly damaged female cyborg. He takes her home and fixes her up. The cyborg had lost most of her memory, so she is given the name Gally. During the night, Ido works for "The Factory" as a Hunter-Warrior, a bounty hunter hunting insane cyborgs, spine thieves, etc.. Gally discovers this, and follows Ido one night, saving his life with some very impressive abilities she never knew she had. In fact, Gally seems to know the Panzer Kunst, the most complex and advanced cyborg fighting abilities ever known, and one of the oldest. Later, Gally also becomes a Hunter-Warrior and has to make hard moral chooses when it is discovered that, Yugo, the man she loves is a spine thief.

I really liked Battle Angel. It is a very well developed, although violent, series. One thing that some might find particularly odd about the Battle Angel tape is that the previews for other A.D. Vision releases have more nudity in it then the feature.

I also own the magna that the Battle Angel anime is based on. The anime is a fair adaptation of the first manga "book". Those that have one will probably enjoy the other. One of the more annoying things, however, is that the english translation of the Battle Angel manga has a few of the characters named differently. In particular, Gally is called Alita and Yugo is called Hugo in the manga.

JPEG image

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