Rupan III

[A.K.A. Lupin III]

The Rupan III, or Lupin III, stories are about the adventures of the master thief Rupan and his companions. Among those in his gang are:

Rupan and his gang [well, actually, mostly just Rupan] is being constantly chased by Inspector Zenigata. The good inspector has made it his life's work to capture and arrest Rupan.

GIF imageRupan III - Legend of the Gold of Babylon & The Fuma Conspiracy

GIF imageLupin III - The Mystery of Mamo

There have been a number of Rupan III series and movies, under the name of Lupin III or Tails of the Wolf, in the past. Many of them were available from Streamline Pictures, however, many of those seem to be out of print.
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