Roujin Z

JPEG image Type: movie
Genre: Science fiction, dark future
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 80 minutes
Copyright date: 1991/1995
Animation quality: 8
Why: V, al, mo
General overall quality: 8
Distributed by:U.S. Manga Corps

Brought to us by the same director as the well-known anime, Akira, Roujin Z has a similar story, but is quite a bit lighter.

A solution to the problem of the aged..... A bed, which provides for all the needs of the patient whether the patient wants it too or not.

As the movie Akira could be seen as a movie about the exploitation of the young, Roujin Z can be seen as a movie about the exploitation of the old.

I felt that Roujin Z had a fairly reasonable story, and pretty good animation. If you enjoyed Akira, then you would probably like Roujin Z.

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