Golden Boy

Wandering Student

JPEG image Type: series one episode per tape
Genre: Student, fantasy
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: ~30 minutes per episode
Copyright date: 1995/1996-1997
Animation quality: 6.5
Why: MT, al+, n
General overall quality: 7
Distributed by:A.D. Vision

JPEG image JPEG image Every so often someone comes around with a life style that is the envy of those who live the 9 to 5 drag each day. Twenty-five year old Kintaro Oe is one such person. Kintaro dropped out of the Department of Law at Tokyo University, but only after completing all the required course work. Now, he is currently learning about life, or maybe from life, by riding around Japan on his mountain bike. Every once in a while he takes a part time job to earn some cash and to learn from the experience. He also keeps a note book with the details of what he has learned.

Kintaro is basically a gentleman, but he is also a male with a very active imagination, especially, when he is cleaning a toilet that is used by a pretty girl [this is a standard running gag though the entire series].

It would almost seem that the point of the Golden Boy series was to make episode 6, where Kintaro ends up working at an animation studio. He, of course, ends up saving the day. He does it this time by calling upon all the lovely young ladies he met in the previous five episodes for help. In typical style when his work is done he manages to escape, with all of them following behind. That is, except for the newest lovely young lady who works at the animation studio. She cries a little, but knows that he will be coming back someday.

Just to spice things up, I suppose, the real creator of the Golden Boy series, Tatsuya Egawa, makes an animated appearance. Kintaro would seem to be his alter ego.

This is a mostly silly series, with some rather adult and graphic elements to it, especially in the second episode. Kintaro Oe never fails to live up to the Golden Boy: Wandering Student role, in any case.

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