The Girl from Phantasia

JPEG image Type: short movie, with bonus art
Genre: fantasy [somewhat silly]
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 40 minutes
Copyright date: 1993
Animation quality: 7
Why: mt, v, al, n
General overall quality: 7
Distributed by:A.D. Vision

So what would you do if you found you had a magic carpet that leads to the world of the Faerie??

What would you do if the cute gatekeeper came though??

Well, for Akihiro, he gets caught trying to put the moves on said cute gatekeeper, Malon, by his girl friend. "No problem," says Malon, and promptly uses her magic and fixes things. What about Akihiro's mom?? Not an issue, Malon uses her magic and fixes things.

Naturally, Akihiro gets a bit fed up with this, and asks Malon to leave. Of course, Malon's friends show up, along with an exile of the land of Faerie.

The Girl from Phantasia is a somewhat silly, but cute short. It is quite quirky, with a couple of mature themes.

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