Bio Hunter

JPEG image Type: short movie
Genre: Horror
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: ~60 minutes
Copyright date: 1995/1997
Animation quality: 7
Why: AS, N, MO, V, al
General overall quality: 6
Distributed by:Urban Vision

Bio Hunter was directed by the same director as Wicked City and Ninja Scroll. It has little in common with the second, but seems similar to the first.

Koshigaya and Komada are professors and researchers in biochemistry at a university by day. They also hunt down odd and supernatural events as Bio Hunters. In particular, this means dealing with a demon virus that usually causes various parts of the victim to turn into demon creatures. In general, not a pretty sight.

On one particular day, the two Bio Hunters become involved with Sayaka Murakami who has a grandfather, Bokudoh Murakami, which has gone missing. This would naturally be bad, but it is made worse as Sayaka's grandfather is the lead fortuneteller in the world.

It turns out that Mr. Murakami has told the fortune of an up and coming politician who it appears has no future, at least not as a human.

Bio Hunter is a little more tame then Wicked City. It also has a fairly eastern feel to it. It is also the first release from Urban Vision

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