Doomed Megalopolis

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Type: series in 4 parts
Genre: horror
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: ~50 minutes each
Copyright date: 1992/1995
Animation quality: 8
Why: n, v, mo, as
General overall quality: 6.5
Distributed by:Streamline Pictures

Horror, Japanese style.

The series Doomed Megalopolis is the story of the evil wizard, Kato, and his obsession with the destruction of Tokyo. He will go to any lengths to accomplish this, first trying to raise the spirit of Masakado, the guardian of Tokyo, through normal occult means. When these fail, he violates a pretty victim, making her pregnant. When even this scheme fails, Kato causes the 1923 earthquake. Finally, in an ultimate act of revenge, Kato attempts to cause the moon to halt in its orbit.

The Doomed Megalopolis series has a strong "east" feel to it, but probably not as much as 3x3 Eyes. All in all, not a bad series. Masakado also puts an appearence in Tokyo Revelation.

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