Giant Robo

The night the Earth stood still

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Type: series in 7 episodes on 6 tapes
Genre: Big robot, science fiction
Dub/Sub: Dubbed and Subtitled
Length: V1 90 minutes; rest 45 minutes
Copyright date: 1992/1995 (Sub: 1997)
Animation quality: 7

Why: v, al
General overall quality: 8.5
Distributed by:Manga

Big robots, nasty anti-heros, superheros, and a young boy.

It is the future, and a clean, recyclable power source has been developed. The Shizuma drive. But all good things must end, it would seem. The evil, underworld organization Big Fire has developed The Eye of Folger with its anti-Shizuma field, which destroys all Shizuma drives which are exposed to its anti-Shizuma field. Can Giant Robo and his operator Daisaku and the rest of the Experts of Justice defeat the Eye??

Well, apparently not... and further questions are posed. Why is Giant Robo nuclear powered?? Who is the mastermind behind the Eye?? And what is their hidden agenda??

I really enjoyed the Giant Robo series. Just like the theme music, which is preformed by the Poland National Philharmonic Orchestra, the series is very "orchestrated" and almost "flows". This is probably a must see for fans of giant robots and evil organizations.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Sorry, it is just that Volume 6 is way late.....


What might make up for it some is the subtitled version which Manga has released. It is basically the same same story, with minor alterations to the animation and more pronounced changes in the dialog, however. The dub was, perhaps, a little more romantic. For example, in the beginning title sequence, Daisaku does not command Robo to "Crush Them Now!", but simply says "Smash!" and the Big Fire pledge is simply, "We pledge ourselves to Big Fire." The Eye of Folger is simply called Folger and is revealed to be a copy of the experimental Shizuma drive generator which blew the country of Bashtarlle to little bits.

The sub is pretty neat, but might be missed on the video store shelf, as the case is nearly identical to the dub.

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