Riding Bean

JPEG image Type: short movie
Genre: Guns and fast cars
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 46 minutes
Copyright date: 1989/1990
Animation quality: 8
Why: V, al, as
General overall quality: 8.5
Distributed by:AnimEigo

Bean Bandit is a courier, the get-away man. He wears Kevlar and Titanium clothing and drives a car named Buff the Roadbuster. He charges at least $40,000 to make a run. His partner is one Rally Vicent, a deadly markslady.

Despite the fact that Bean is an obvious scoundrel, he has a soft spot for kids, and so does not mind just too much when he is hired to return what he thinks is a kidnapped kid back home. Of course, it was all a set up.

Riding Bean is a cute movie and is brought to you by the same person who brings us Gunsmith Cats. In fact, the character Rally Vicent, as slightly different persons, shows up in both.

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