Ronin Warriors

[A.K.A. Legend of Mystic Armor: Samurai Troopers]

Type: series with 39 episodes
Genre: Fantasy, "ninja", kid hero
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: ~30 minutes per episode
Copyright date: original 1988
Animation quality: 4 to 6
Why: v, mo
General overall quality: 5.5
Distributed by:Graz Entertainment

[Some information gathered from the Ronin Warriors FAQ]

On September 30, 1996 until December 27, 1996, on weekdays, the Sci-fi channel showed and reshowed all 39 episodes of the Ronin Warriors anime series.

Five young men are charged with the task of protecting the Earth from mystic and evil otherworldly forces who wish to invade.

Their major foe is a being named Talpa. In his service are four commanders of evil. Each of these evil persons' posses mystic evil armor and mighty weapons.

To help the five Ronin Warriors with the task of protecting the Earth each of them possesses a set of mystic and powerful armor that allows them to fight against Talpa and the evil forces of the Nether world.

Well, this is the basic premise of this series. The Ronin Warriors series isn't bad, as such, but it does drag on in places. For the most part, it is better then most Saturday morning cartoons, but does fall short when compared to other Anime.

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