Otaku No Video

Graffiti of Otaku Generation

JPEG image Type: two short movies on one tape
Genre: Yes
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 100 minutes
Copyright date: 1991/1993
Animation quality: 8
Why: al, n, as
General overall quality: Special
Distributed by:AnimEigo

Interpretation please......

Otaku -- one translation in Japanese has this as a form of the word "You"..... But since this is Anime it would not be that simple. In Japan it really indicates someone who is a megafan of something or other, such as computers, video games, martial arts, etc. When used in the U.S. it specifically, and only [mostly], applies to a megafan of Japanese animation.

No -- usually translated as "the"

Video -- Video

So, if you put it all together, Otaku No Video means Your Video, or A Video for Mega Anime fans.

[A complete aside here: Or, as Thomas Baetzler (thb@regioservice.de) mentioned to me 'The Otaku's Video'. However, that does not really tell you what an Otaku is. One might want to visit Volker Grassmuck's page on the subject.]

It really is a fake documentary [of sorts] about the Anime industry, and specifically the Gainax studio.

A number of years ago, the members of Monty Python and some of the current cast of Saturday Night Live made a fake documentary about the Beetles. It was called the Rutles. Otaku No Video is similar.

This is a rather cute, but somewhat odd, set of movies. There are a huge number of in-jokes and references, of which, I caught a very very few. I am very happy for the video liners.

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