Orguss 02

Super Dimension Century - Orguss Two

JPEG image Type: series in 6 parts on 3 tapes
Genre: Science fiction, big robot
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: ~60 minutes per tape
Copyright date: 1993/1995 1994/1995
Animation quality: 7.5
Why: V, al
General overall quality: 8.5
Distributed by:Manga

Super Dimension Century - Orguss Two being the sequel to the first Orguss series.

It has been 200 years since the events in the original Orguss series occurred, and the Earth is still not completely healed of the effects of the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. The major thing is that Decimators [Mecha] are being discovered in various and diverse places. These machines of war, from the future, are used by one country to wage war against other countries.

Lean is a young Decimator [Mecha] mechanic who gets involved with his countries military to help a friend's family. Can he survive the mess he has been put in???

Orguss 02, I felt, was a better series then the original Orguss series for a number of reasons. If you enjoy large Mechs [Decimator] then you find Orguss 02 to your liking.

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