The Venus Wars

JPEG image Type: movie
Genre: Science fiction, dark future
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 104 minutes
Copyright date: 1989/1992
Animation quality: 7
Why: V
General overall quality: 7
Distributed by:U.S. Manga Corps

When mankind colonized Venus, then also brought our ability for war, as well.

The Venus Wars is a movie about a number of young persons and how they must deal with the events that are occurring around them.

Mainly, there is the young reporter Susan Somers, who will go to great lengths to get a story. There is also Hiro Seno, a motorcycle racer who usually would not care what was going on around him, even if it was a war.

Both learn hard lessons and must grow up very quickly in the face of opposing forces.

The Venus Wars is not bad sci-fi... Kinda reminds me of Macross II - The Movie or any number of "kid hero" anime that is available.

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