Vampire Princess Miyu

JPEG image Type: series in 4 parts on 2 tapes
Genre: Horror
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: ~50 minutes each tape
Copyright date: 1988-1989/1992
Animation quality: 8
Why: v, mo
General overall quality: 8.5
Distributed by:AnimEigo

I think one of the points of Vampire Princess was to turn the vampire legends on their ear.

Miyu is an odd being, a vampire without the normal restrictions and who seems to be charged with the task of protecting humanity from the shinma [there is not an English translation for this, but the concept is that of god-demons, beings of the dark who invade persons sometimes, or make general annoyances of themselves].

It is unclear through the entire series whether Miyu is a normal "good" guy. What is clear is that she does need blood, from time to time, and has no general problem giving people "fantasies" to escape real life, if she really thinks that is really what they want.

Featured as well, is Himiko, a spiritualist who has managed to get herself wrapped up in the going on of the Vampire Princess Miyu. Also Miyu silent shinma companion named Larva.

An odd series, but quite a lot of fun, nonetheless.... Miyu does not always get her way, and there are quite a number of supprises.

In several ways, this is a variant of the same type of series as Devil Hunter Yokho and Blue Seed. Except, of course, that Miyu is way supernatural herself.

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