All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl, Nuku Nuku

JPEG image Type: series in 6 episodes on 3 tapes with 2 episodes per tape
Genre: Science fiction [OK, silly science fiction]
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 60 minutes each
Copyright date: 1992
Animation quality: 6.5
Why: v, n
General overall quality: 8
Distributed by: A.D. Vision

Ok, imagine, if you can... the Terminator as a 16 year old female high school student with the brain of a dead cat.



If you can do that then you have pretty much have the main plot of All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl, Nuku, Nuku.

You see, Kyusaku Natsume is a genus, really. He used to work for his ex-wife, Akiko Mishima, president of the large Mishima Heavy Industries company, as an inventor. One of the things he invents is the NK-1134 android and when Kyusaku finds out that his android is going to be used for nasty purposes, he leaves his wife [and the company] taking his, and Akiko's, son, Ryunosuke with him. He also takes the NK-1134 android with him, and, along the way, installs the brain of Ryunosuke's dead cat into the NK-1134 frame.

Simply enough, right??

Akiko does not take this well, and sends her elite team of Office- Lady Warriors after Kyusaku and Ryunosuke. She soon finds out what happened to the NK-1134 [grin 8-)]

This series is a lot of fun and well worth having [8-)]. It is, of course, fairly silly.....

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