Angel Cop

The Collection

JPEG image Type: 6 part series on one tape
Genre: Science Fiction, cop, dark future
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: ~25 minutes per episode, ~160 minutes volume
Copyright date: 1994-1995/1997
Animation quality: 6
Why: AL+, V+, mo, mt, n
General overall quality: 6
Distributed by:Manga

At the end of the 20th century, Japan has risen as the leading economic power in the world. As a result, a new kind of economic terrorism emerges. The idea was simple, if a group could destabilize Japan, they could potentially destabilize most of the other governments of the world.

To counter this, Japan develops the Special Security Force. These police acted as judge, jury and executioner. Among their ranks is the cold and violent Angel.

However, things are not as they appear. While there is certainly a violent terrorist group called the Red May, there is another mysterious group that is killing off the members of the Red May like so many flies. In addition, these vigilantes seem to have super human esper powers.

In addition, it is later learned that the Red May is actually being funded by some government persons who are trying to cover their own illegal activities.

Angel Cop is an extremely violent series with moderately interesting persons and themes. However, don't expect anything too deep.

In addition, there are a couple of misfeatures in my copy of this tape. First, episode five is a really bad copy. It is blurred out of focus with some color skew. This makes it very hard to watch episode five. Second, the episodes were printed in the wrong order on the tape jacket.

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