801 T.T.S. Airbats

[Japan Air Self Defense Force 801 Tactical Training Squadron - Airbats]

JPEG image Type: series in 3 parts on one tape
Genre: Airforce drama
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: ~25 minutes per episode
Copyright date: 1994
Animation quality: 7
Why: al, mt, n
General overall quality: 7.5
Distributed by:A.D. Vision

The 801, or the Airbats, is an odd squadron by all accounts. It consists of Captain Konishi, 1st Sergeant Sakura Saginomiya, Sergeant Yohko Shimorenjaku, Sergeant Miyuki Haneda, and Sergeant Arisa Mitaka. Oh.. and a bat named Chi-chan.

Into this mostly female squadron comes Private Takuya Isurugi. The one and only maintenance guy they will get.

Private Isurugi is truly a nice guy and is very competent at his job. However, he really does not understand that to most the 801 is a dumping ground for trouble makers. The unfortunate thing is that some of the members also believe this about themselves.

So while Isurugi repairs and maintains the aircraft he also tries to repair the lives of the lovely young lady pilots around him, or at least two of them in particular.

801 T.T.S. Airbats is a slightly romantic series with fairly reasonable animation. The characters have some depth to them, and are fairly interesting for the most part.

A question is posed at the end of the series, in particular, whether there will be more. Thus far, this question has gone unanswered.

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