AD Police Files

The Mad Criminal Investigation File of Tokyo Advanced Police

JPEG image Type: series in 3 parts
Genre: Cyberpunk, dark future
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 40 minutes each
Copyright date: 1990/1993
Animation quality: 8
Why: V, as, mt, n, al
General overall quality: 8
Distributed by: AnimEigo

If you liked the movies RoboCob, Blade Runner, and Total Recall or the anime hero 8Man, then you will probably enjoy AD Police Files. This series takes place five years before the anime series Bubblegum Crisis and stars many of the same characters, before the time of the Knight Sabers began.

The place is MegaTokyo, the year 2027. Technology has allowed man to create androids called Boomers. Sometimes the Boomers run amuck and it is the job of the AD Police to set things straight. The thing is that mad Boomers do not like to go quietly.

The gore factor is rather high, but, I really enjoyed AD Police Files. The animation was good, and the plots were not too bad and besides, when the 3 tapes are placed next to each other, then make a cool picture.

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