Luna Varga

JPEG image Type: series in 4 parts with 2 per tape
Genre: Fantasy, big monster
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 60 minutes per tape
Copyright date: 1991/1996
Animation quality: 7
Why: v, N, al, mt
General overall quality: 7.5
Distributed by:A.D. Vision

It is another world, another time, another giant monster Anime... Ok, the narrator didn't say that, exactly.


Luna D'Rimsbell is Princess #2 of the small kingdom of Rimsbell. Her older blond haired sister, Zena, is Princess #1 and her younger sister Viena is Princess #3.

In any case, Rimsbell is about to be invaded by the kingdom of Dunbas. In an attempt to thwart this invasion, Luna accepts help from a very strange and mystical source.

The result is that she gets to become the brain for a huge dinosaur/dragon creature called a Varga. This allows Luna to defend Rimsbell in a very efficient manor. The downside is that she is attached to the top of Varga's head. Apparently it is quite a disadvantage on dates having the brother of Godzilla attached to oneself.

To help in places where a 200 foot dragon won't fit, Varga is able to shrink down so that he is just a tail attached to Luna. Much like Mink in Dragon Half.

Other characters include:

Luna Varga is a cute Anime series simular to Dragon Half, but not nearly as silly.

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