Super Dimensional Fortress Macross was the first Macross series. Many know it by its U.S. name, Robotech. This was quite a popular series, perhaps more so in the U.S. then in Japan. Later, a movie was made which goes by the name Macross '84: Do You Remember Love?Macross '84: Do You Remember Love? This movie contributed to the massive interest in anime in Japan and the U.S.

Later, there was the Macross II series, with the compiled movie Macross II: Lover's Again. There was also Macross 7 and the latest series Macross Plus and the new Macross Plus feature film.

In addition to Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross there were three other series by the same group of people. Two of them, Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Diver Mospeada were used to extend the Robotech series after those doing the Robotech series ran out of Macross episodes. Super Dimensional Century: Orguss apparently stood alone. [Thanks, E. A. Deneault,]

GIF imageGIF imageRobotech Perfect Collection: Macross

GIF imageMacross '84: Do You Remember Love?

GIF imageMacross II - The Movie

GIF imageMacross Plus

*GIF imageMacross Plus: The Movie*

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