Sukeban Deka

JPEG image Type: series with two episodes on two tapes
Genre: Cop, school girl, "ninja"
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 60 minutes per tape
Copyright date: 1991/1996
Animation quality: 6
Why: V, n, al, mt
General overall quality: 7.75
Distributed by:A.D. Vision

Saki is a juvenile delinquent. She is given an opportunity to get out the "Big House" and save her mother from the electric chair, but it will require that Saki become a plant in her former high school for the police.

Since Saki can not carry a gun, she is given the neatest yo-yo ever made. So with her yo-yo in hand, and her wits, Saki must figure out what the three evil Mizuchi sisters are up to. That is, if she can survive.

Sukeban Deka is a cute series, the characters are fairly well done, and the animation isn't too bad.

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