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Type: T.V. series
Genre: Science fiction, dark future, monster
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: ~30 minute episodes
Copyright date: ~1995
Animation quality: 6
Why: v, mo
General overall quality: 7
Distributed by: Saban Entertainment

Teknoman is a anime series that is currently airing or has aired on television stations all over the world.

It is the future and Earth has been invaded by mutant spider crabs under the control of a nasty dude named Darkon. His main goal is to take over as much of the galaxy as he can, and Earth has his current attention.

The only hope for the Earth lies in the mysterious young man who goes by the name of Slade. He is a renegade from Darkon's forces and has the ability to transform himself into Teknoman, and is basically indestructible to all but another Teknoman [he walked away from an atomic blast, for example].

I have not been able to record every episode of Teknoman, but from what I have seen it is not a terrible series, and rather similar to the Macross Plus series and the movie The Venus Wars. In fact, some of the characters in the Teknoman series appeared in Macross II - The Movie.

If you have a chance to see this series and you don't mind simpler anime, then I would recommend Teknoman.

Thanks to Jason O'Rourke (dddao@fastlink.com.au) for help with this review.

In the U.S. Teknoman aired on the UPN network. The series was not renewed for the 1997 [which started in September of 1996] season, and thus, it is no longer being shown.

In many ways this is a shame, as the series was much better then most U.S. animation series. The UPN Kids site had a Teknoman page with the episode listings and descriptions as well as some pictures. Here is my own slightly modified copy of the same page, as the original has disappeared.

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