Kimagure Orange Road

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Type: series with 2 episodes per tape, except movie
Genre: high school romantic esper fantasy
Dub/Sub: subtitled
Length: ~25 minutes per episode, ~70 minutes for movie
Copyright date: 1988-1989/1992
Animation quality: 7
Why: al, mt, mo
General overall quality: 6
Distributed by:AnimEigo

Kimagure means "whimsical". Indeed, this entire series is more then a little whimsical.

In brief....

Kyosuke is a junior in high school. He lives with his two sisters, Kurumi and Manami and their father Takashi. Every so often their grandfather comes for a visit.

Oh, yes, by the way, they are a family of espers [physics].

This, however, is not Kyosuke's main problem in life. Kyosuke has two girlfriends and he can not make up his mind as to which one he likes more. One is the very uninhibited Hikaru. She is completely flipped out over her Darling. The other girl is the lovely and somewhat well to do Madoka.

What can you say??? Kyosuke manages to get himself in a number of odd and strange situations making Kimagure Orange Road a rather odd series.

The only real exception is the episode Hawaiian Suspense, which just ended up being strange with a number of really badly done segments of English dialog and some very odd U.S. stereotypes.

The Kimagure Orange Road movie brings to a conclusion the love triangle that was developed in the series, although perhaps in ways that are less satisfying then one would expect.

The movie takes place the summer after Kyosuke and Madoka graduate from high school. During this summer they begin to prepare for their college entrance exams by attending summer school. These events have the effect of leaving Hikaru, who is younger then the other two by two years, behind.

Also during this summer of transition, Kyosuke finally makes his choice and chooses Madoka and breaks it off with Hikaru. Naturally, Hikaru does not take this well, and it would not be wrong to say that Kyosuke acts like a cad towards her.

However, one probably should not blame Kyosuke just too much as the romance he had with Hikaru was just a high school romance, and what he has now with Madoka should be more lasting. This is not without cost for all involved, however, as it also marks the end of the friendship among the three.

The movie is not as whimsical as the series, and in some places it is down right somber.

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