Super Dimension Century - Orguss

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Type: series in 18 parts on 8 tapes [actually there are more epiosdes]
Genre: Science fiction, big robot
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: T1 80 minutes; all rest 55 minutes
Copyright date: 1983/1992-1993
Animation quality: 5
Why: v, al, n, mt
General overall quality: 6.5 to 8
Distributed by: U.S. Renditions

Super Dimension Century - Orguss being related to the anime that went in to make the Robotech series.

The Orguss series is a long series with 35 episodes in total. The basic premise is: It is the future, and a war is going on. With hopes of victory, one side explodes the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. The explosion causes many different times and many different realities of Earth to exist all at the same place and same time.

Into this new Earth is thrust Kei Katsuragi, the young Lt. who actually set the Bomb off. It turns out that Kei is the key to the future of the new Earth, and perhaps his own.

Kei travels with a mostly female band of merchants from the race of the Eaamon [humans, more or less, with antennae]. Included are:

There are at least two easter eggs in the series. The first is about 21 minutes into the second episode and is repeated at the beginning of the third episode. The second is about 23 minutes into the 15th episode. Keep an eye on the Chirum screens.

Orguss, for its age, is not too bad of a series, just wish that the rest of the episodes were available outside of the fan circles. The story was just beginning to get interesting around episode 18 and there is quite a dramatic conclusion to the entire series.

Episodes 18 to the end of the series was never released in the U.S. and as U.S. Renditions really is not in the anime business any more, so it would seem unlikely that they will ever be seen. Therefore, it is with much thanks to Mark Stout for providing the text to the Orguss Viewer's Guide and to Erin Kinser for helping to convert the text to HTML.

I would also like to thank Mark Stout for providing me a copy of episodes 18 to 35 which were recorded off of Japanese television.

The video quality of the episodes are poor to medium, however, and the beginning and ending sequences are missing from quite a number of the episodes, as is all of the commercials and the like. It also goes without saying that these episodes are neither dubbed or subtitled but are in Japanese.

Due to the poor video quality, I am unable to make copies the tapes that I have and Mark Stout does not appear to be interested in doing that anymore.

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