JPEG image Type: short movie
Genre: Science fiction, fantasy, alternate world
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 45 minutes
Copyright date: 1991/1997
Animation quality: 6
Why: al, n, v
General overall quality: 7
Distributed by:A.D. Vision

The world of Slaffleaze has many different clans in it and they all look like beastmen of some type. Every so often a ghost image of a planet appears in the skies of Slaffleaze, and such a time has come. This ghost planet has been named Capricorn.

Taku Shimamura is a typical 8th grader in your typical high school on Earth, when one day, he "falls" to an odd place that seems to be populated with all manor of beastmen type persons and Taku is the odd man out, literally.

Zolba is the Defense Minister of a particular country in Slaffleaze and has designs to rule both his world and Capricorn. His method will be to use a device called the Infinity Anchor that can bridge the dimensional gap between Slaffleaze and Capricorn.

The ones who can stop Zolba's evil designs seem to be Taku and the last of the Yappi clan [a dragon like group], a girl named Mona. Fortunately, Taku is not very typical, and proves to be quite useful when it turns out that he is the protector of Slaffleaze.

Capricorn is a fairly amusing piece of anime that reminds me a lot of Leda and a little of El-Hazard.

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