Armitage III

Armitage III - The Movie


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Type: series on 4 tapes
Genre: Cyberpunk, science fiction, police
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: E1 50 minutes, E2 30 minutes
Copyright date: 1994-1995
Animation quality: 8.5
Why: V, al, mt, n
General overall quality: 8
Distributed by:Pioneer Entertainment

In the future, the planet Mars is settled and is being made usable by humans. Artificial life forms are used in the process of remaking Mars. The "third" AL series, for the most part, look and act exactly like any human would. These types of ALs are especially disliked on Mars where a growing anti-AL movement is well underway.

Detective Sylibus has transferred to Mars after an unfortunate incident with his previous partner. He is welcomed to Mars by witnessing the murder of a very popular country music singer, who it is discovered to be a Third series AL.

He also meets his new partner, a very young looking girl named Armitage.

JPEG image Armitage is, of course, one of the many Third series ALs who are living on Mars in secret. These "persons" are the targets of a killer named D'anclaude who is bent on killing all the Third series ALs on Mars.

In the mean time, Armitage asks some basic questions about her existence and Sylibus must deal with the fact that a cyborg had killed his former partner, once he finds out that Armitage is an AL.

This is really an excellent series. The character Armitage reminds me much Gally in the Battle Angel series.

Armitage III: Poly-Matrix is the Armitage III movie. It features an all English cast, and uses most of the same animation as the series edited together. A few subplots have been removed, however, the main story line remained intact. In addition, there is some amount of new animation.

In any case, I thought the series was better then the movie. The English voice actors performance was often times flat. JPEG image

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