Blue Seed

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JPEG image Type: 26 episode series with two episodes on each tape
Genre: Horror, monster
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: 60 minutes each
Copyright date: 1995-1997
Animation quality: 6.5
Why: V, al, mo, mt
General overall quality: 8.5
Distributed by:A.D. Vision

Momiji seems to be a fairly typical high school student. Until....

Yes, Blue Seed is another female high school student is the only one who can save the world series. It would be unfair, however, to simply thing of it in these terms, however.

Momiji, it appears, is the last in the blood line of Princess Kushinada, a person of Japanese legend who, along with a deity, helped to banish the Aragami, an ancient race of nasty being who basically wish to be nasty beings to the extreme [sound like Devil Hunter Yoko, yet??].

The Aragami fear Momiji, because if she is not killed in just the right way, her death will banish all of them. Touchy... So, the Aragami charge a young man, named Kusanagi, with the tasks of protecting Momiji, until they are ready to do her in. Although Kusanagi basically has all the power that The Guyver has [can do basically any physical act he wants to], he isn't too happy about it all. However, he also can't bring himself to hurt Momiji, which would free him from his charge.

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Later, Momiji is protected [and joins up with] the TAC, the Terrestrial Administration Center. Sort of a Ghost Buster type group.

Blue Seed is a fairly enjoyable series that does not take itself too seriously. Anyone who enjoys nasty evil monsters, and kid heroes should enjoy Blue Seed.

Starting with Volume 5, the series takes a rather violent turn, and, in general, the story becomes more serious in tone.

Episode 16, on volume 8, is rather interesting. It is basically the same story as Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid Forest and is, presumedly, based on the same legends.

In Volume 10, events come to a head. Susano-oh and the Princess Kaede begin to put into action their plans. Additionally, Momiji finally tells Kusanagi her feeling about him as the danger level increases all across Japan. Further, in episode 21, Momiji and the TAC return to Momiji's home town of Izumo where everything started in episode 1.

Some of the purpose and plots of Susano-oh and Kaede are made known in Volume 11. In short, it involves turning most of the population of the Earth to plants. This is basically the same plot as Green Legend Ran.

JPEG image Also in Volume 11, Kusanagi is wounded in a nearly fatal manor, much to the distress of Momiji, who very much loves him.

In Volume 12, a split occurs when the motivations of Susano-oh and Kaede do not exactly match up with the goals of the Aragami. It is the calm before the storm in episode 24 and all the members of TAC take the day and be with the ones they love and care about. Meanwhile, the fact that Momiji might be able to save the country has been leaked to the general public, which has turned a bit ugly in the face of the giant-monster-plant crisis.

However, the scarest thing in volume 12 is the Omake Theater short. Seeing Momiji's grandmother in spandex was truly frightening.

Volume 13 contains the final episodes of the Blue Seed series. All the events prepared for in the previous episodes come to a head. Kusanagi and Murakumo fight their final battle, while Momiji confronts her sister and Susano-oh.

All over Japan blue seeds that transform people into plants are being released from the giant monster plants that have grown up all over the country and hope is failing. At the moment of doom, Momiji appeals to the people of Japan to help her in the Rite of Matsuri and resonate with her song.

And in the end.... hopelessness is turned to hope as the people of Japan celebrate Matsuri and the monster plants die.

Blue Seed is a quality series with interesting characters and settings. It is sometimes funny and sometimes sad with most variations in between.

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